Norwegian musician Sondre Lerche is having a very busy month. He'll release his new album PLEASURE (CD in record stores 11/3, vinyl 11/10) and a special Black Friday limited edition release, SOLO PLEASURE which brings intimate performances of Pleasure songs exclusively to indie record stores starting 11/24. (Get more information on the #RSDBF piece here.)

October 24 sees the first of two special nights in the US, as he performs a special intimate engagement at The McKitrick Hotel in New York. He'll bring An Evening of Solo Pleasure to the Largo in Los Angeles on January 20, 2018.

One of the songs on both Pleasure and Solo Pleasure, Siamese Twin, is particularly special to Lerche, and the video, directed by Thale Fastvold & Marius Hauge, maybe even more so. We're particularly happy to premiere it, and Sondre wanted to give us a little insight into it as well:

"Growing into my early teens I quickly found more comfort in embracing my effeminate self, rather than forcing the macho temperament that young boys still often automatically feel expected to assume. Thankfully, it didn’t bother me much what friends or strangers might think of my vibe. If anything, any small sense of ambiguity that I might’ve inspired felt empowering, at least for a while. Later, as an adult, I eventually managed to come to terms with my so-called masculine self - for me that was a much more complicated process. In the song Siamese Twin, the need for intimacy knows no boundaries - much like that of a child, or best friends in high school. But the song is not about children, it is perhaps not even about a relationship between two people, but one. I always thought of it as a desperately symbiotic love song - a relationship where one simply cannot come close enough to the other, and where the need to become one with someone is so overpowering that the need to possess the other becomes the most dominant desire. The experience of filming the video for Siamese Twin in January of this year made my own reading of my song much clearer to me. In the video the directors and I wanted to capture the calm, casual intimacy within ourselves when we are alone. The split second when you catch yourself in the mirror, and see yourself in a new way. Who do we see? The video is graced with model/photographer/stylist Jakob Landvik’s magnetic screen presence and expertise, which made all the difference. Searching for a language with which to negotiate and inhabit the different parts of our selves, this video has a much happier, more serene and poetic ending than the morbid fantasy of actual song. I can now truly say it’s a love song again.”

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Special sky blue vinyl for Margo's new album on Third Man Records, only at indie record stores.

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COMING TO RECORD STORES ON 11/24 FOR BLACK FRIDAY. Get more information on the special edition release HERE

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Marty Stuart has been WAY OUT WEST in his mind for a while and his new album with HIS SUPERLATIVES takes us all out there with him. The new video for "Time Don't Wait" takes us specifically to the Black Hills and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to explore the land and peoples of the Sioux Indian Tribe (Marty's been an honorary member for years, (his Lakota name is O Yate' o Chee Ya'ka Hopsila or "The man who helps the people". It's a trip worth taking.

WAY OUT WEST from Marty Stuart and His Superlatives (recent winners of the Americana Group/Duo of the Year Award) is in record stores now (GET IT ON CD) (GET IT ON VINYL)

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The Brian Setzer Orchestra has a special live 7" coming to record stores on November 24 for Record Store Day Black Friday. 25 Live!

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Since its inception, Black Friday has turned the day after Thanksgiving into the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Largely, Black Friday is about super-cheap prices, and for years was synonymous with being up super-early at chain and mall stores. Things sometimes get ugly.  But we really like the idea of a shopping season, especially when that shopping is, at its heart, a way to show the people you like that you like them. (And a way for them to show you. Gift-getting is awesome, too.)

We work year-round to shine a light on the independent businesses in your local community that sell you records and other things that make you happy, make you smile, make you sing, bring you comfort, bring people together. And all those things you find at a record store make great gifts so being part of that holiday shopping season, and the biggest shopping day of the year makes sense to us.

So we work with labels, artists, managers and distribution companies who feel the same, and put together a list of titles for that season that are available at participating record stores. They come out on Black Friday (11/24) but may be available at record stores throughout the rest of the year, because record stores are the best place to go when you're filling out or filling in a Holiday Wish List. Record stores sell nothing but great gifts.

Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday are different events, and you can find out more about that on our RSD BLACK FRIDAY FAQ.

The list of special releases is below, in a Website form where you can search and get more information, and a PDF that you can print out and use as a Wish List or Shopping Guide.  There are three categories on our list:

These titles are physically released only at indie record stores.
RSD FIRST: These titles are found first at indie record stores, but may be released to other retailers or webstores at some point in the future.
SMALL RUN/REGIONAL LIST: These titles are either regionally based and sold at specific stores, or are press runs under 1000, which means they may be harder to find at record stores around the country.

*Record Store Day does not give or sell the releases to participating stores. Each indie record store makes their own buying decisions and may choose to bring in some titles and not others.

*The titles on the Black Friday list are usually limited in number, as are most things that are created for special time periods or exclusive to certain retailers. This means a store may not get all the copies they wanted, or that a store may sell out of a release before you are able to purchase it.

*The artwork for the titles on the site is watermarked. Non-watermarked artwork will be in place when the titles are released, so those of you who want/need the artwork can access non-watermarked versions then.

*The list of titles may change. Titles may be added, titles may drop off, information may be amended.

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Our RSD 2017 Ambassador is pretty busy right now, what with a tour and a brand new album (MASSEDUCTION in record stores right this minute) but she takes her Ambassadorial duties very seriously, which is why she's officially putting out the call for DIPLOMATS to help her spread the word about how great it is at a record store.

HEAD IN TO THE FOLLOWING STORES TO DROP OFF YOUR DIPLOMAT CREDENTIALS AND CHECK OUT THE PERKS OF THE JOB (also known as a great prize package including VIP Concert tickets, store gift certificate, signed test pressing of Masseduction and MORE!)

St. Vincent - Masseduction


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Beck's peppy, poppy new album COLORS is in record stores now in a multitude of colorful formats, including a record-store-limited-edition-yellow-vinyl-cool-cover version as well as CD, and this deluxe vinyl package you can get a look at right here.
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The final album from Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings comes to record stores on 11/17. This lovely video has us missing Sharon (and Charles Bradley) and feeling happy that we have more music to come.

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On November 17, eight releases from Sir Paul (and Sir Paul with Wings) will hit record stores on black vinyl and CD digipaks, as well as EXTREMELY LIMITED color vinyl 180g versions. The Archive Collection releases on 11/17 all have digital downloads and fully restored artwork.

Indie record stores are the ONLY physical retailers in the US to have the limited edition colored vinyl versions:
Paul McCartney McCARTNEY on red 180g vinyl
Paul McCartney McCARTNEY II on clear 180g vinyl
Paul McCartney TUG OF WAR on blue 180g vinyl
Paul McCartney PIPES OF PEACE on silver 180g vinyl
Paul and Linda McCartney RAM on yellow 180g vinyl
Paul McCartney and Wings BAND ON THE RUN on white 180g vinyl
Wings VENUS AND MARS on red/yellow 180g vinyl
Wings AT THE SPEED OF SOUND on orange 180g vinyl
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Fleet Foxes are bringing a special 10" release to record stores starting on Black Friday (11/24). FLEET FOXES THE ELECTRIC LADY SESSION features four tracks recorded at legendary Electric Lady Studios right before their latest album Crack-Up was released. Originally recorded for WFUV, the noncommercial member-supported public station at Fordham University, these tracks were paired and recorded as one, reflecting the "intentional fluidity" between the songs.

We're also happy to bring fans of Fleet Foxes a look at a conversation that leader Robin Pecknold had with DJ/Music Supervisor Zach Cowie for Classic Album Sundays, about their latest album Crack-Up, in record stores now VINYL CD

FLEET FOXES THE ELECTRIC LADY SESSION 10" comes to record stores on Black Friday, 11/24. Look for more information on other special releases for the holiday gift-giving season coming soon.
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Though her new album's called POSSIBILITIES AT SEA, Blake Hazard's got ice and fiery sparks on her mind in this new video, "Before The Ice". That new album, her second solo release, comes to record stores on vinyl November 3.

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Rhino Records rocks out this month with cool vinyl releases at record stores. Check back all month for the latest!



ALICE COOPER - Love It To Death on black/white swirl vinyl
ALICE COOPER - Special Forces on white vinyl
HEAVY METAL SOUNDTRACK on double black vinyl
JANE'S ADDICTION - Nothing's Shocking on clear vinyl
VELVET UNDERGROUND - Loaded on gold vinyl
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In August, Record Store Day gathered a few hundred record store friends and family for a conference, and let's face it a big old party, in New Orleans. One night, we turned a bar called One Eyed Jacks into a bar called The Bang Bang Bar and celebrated the upcoming release of two indie record store exclusive vinyl releases: TWIN PEAKS: Music from the Limited Event Series and TWIN PEAKS: Limited Event Series Soundtrack  

There was cherry pie, and coffee (cocktails) and donuts and Johnny Jewel and Dean Hurley and Rebekah Del Rio, too!  Here's a look at our Twin Peaks night

Those special vinyl versions (red/black double vinyl MUSIC FROM and lime green double vinyl SOUNDTRACK) are in record stores starting 9/29
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In August, we gathered record store owners and employees together for a conference in New Orleans and one of our keynote speakers was DMC who thrilled the stores with tales of how Run DMC started, and his first thoughts on hearing the lyrics of "Walk This Way".  Then he and his partners at Brookvale Records (which is part of the Looney Tunes record store family!) announced that his new EP  BACK FROM THE DEAD THE LEGEND LIVES will be coming exclusively to record stores on a red vinyl 12" on 11/24, otherwise known as Black Friday.

We'll have a list of even more Black Friday titles coming soon, but we're pretty happy to start with the announcement of this EP from DMC, with artwork from Tony Moore of The Walking Dead, only in record stores, starting 11/24.


Friday 11/24  Looney Tunes  (Long Island NY)
Saturday 11/25 Vintage Vinyl (Fords NJ)
Sunday 11/26 Record Archive (Rochester NY)
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Their ninth album is coming to record stores on 11/9 and the first song we get to see/hear is "Rebel". 

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Special editions of these new records are in record stores now:


Brand New - Science Fiction [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Blue And Red 2LP]
BRAND NEW Science Fiction blue and red vinyl  

John Carpenter - Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition The Fog Over Antonio Bay Color LP + 7in]
JOHN CARPENTER Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 on "The Fog Over Antonio Bay Colored" vinyl and bonus 7"

Compton White - Compton White EP [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition White Vinyl]
COMPTON WHITE Compton White on white vinyl

Death - Individual Thought Patterns [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Baby Pink With Blood Splatter LP]

DEATH Individual Thought Patterns on baby pink vinyl EXTREMELY LIMITED!

Destroyer - Ken [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Yellow LP + Bonus 7in]
DESTROYER Ken on yellow vinyl and bonus 7"    

Giraffage - Too Real [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Orange LP]
GIRAFFAGE on orange vinyl

Hogni - Two Trains [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Red LP]
HOGNI Two Trains on red vinyl  

Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Red LP]
IGGY & THE STOOGES Raw Power on red vinyl 

Iron Monkey - 9-13 [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition White with Black Splatter LP]
IRON MONKEY 9-13 on black splatter vinyl EXTREMELY LIMITED

Margo Price - All American Made [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Sky Blue LP]
MARGO PRICE All American Made on sky blue vinyl

Charly Bliss - Guppy Issue 1 [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Comic Book + Flexi Disc]
and a special BOOK! CHARLY BLISS' Guppy Issue  One--One of the year s most critically acclaimed albums... in comic book form! Barsuk Records and Charly Bliss are pleased to announce the release of Guppy: Issue One, a limited edition 16 page full-color comic that is a companion piece to Charly Bliss debut album and includes comic interpretations of each of the songs on Guppy.Not only does this comic include artwork by noted indiecomic book artists Sadie DuPuis (of Speedy Ortiz), Michael DeForge, Tuesday Bassen (amongst others) and cover art by Noah Van Sciver (amongst others) but it also includes a flexi-disc with two previously unreleased tracks from the Guppy sessions, Golden Age and Special, along with a download code for digital enjoyment. As a special last comic in the book, Eva Hendricks from Charly Bliss has contributed an interpretation of the song Golden Age.


Beck - Colors [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Yellow LP]
BECK Colors on limited edition yellow vinyl  

William Patrick Corgan - Ogilala [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Pink LP]
WILLIAM PATRICK CORGAN Ogilala on limited edition pink vinyl

Enslaved - E [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Bronze/Brown/Bone 2LP]
ENSLAVED E on extremely limited brown/bronze/bone vinyl

Exhumed - Death Revenge [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Beer w/Blood Red & Bone White Splatter LP]

EXHUMED Death Revenge on extremely limited "Beer With Blood" colored vinyl 

Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry Lee's Greatest [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Orange & White LP]
JERRY LEE LEWIS Jerry Lee's Greatest Hits on limited edition orange/white splatter vinyl   

Morgan Saint - 17 Hero EP [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition 10in]
MORGAN SAINT 17 Hero  The only place to get the vinyl for Morgan's new EP is at an indie record store

Propagandhi - Victory Lap [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Translucent Red LP]
PROPAGANDHI There's a limited edition translucent red vinyl version of Victory Lap. 

Stick To Your Guns - True View [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition White/Bone/Brown Tri-Striped LP]
STICK TO YOUR GUNS True View on extremely limited white/brown/bone tri-stripped vinyl

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Always Foreign [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear LP]
THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE & I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE There's a clear vinyl version of the new record Always Foreign.


The Clientele - Music For The Age of Miracles [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Light Blue/White LP]
THE CLIENTELE  Music For The Age of Miracles is in record stores in a limited edition blue/white swirl vinyl version.


Protomartyr - Relatives In Descent [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Blue LP]
PROTOMARTYR There's a limited blue vinyl version of the new record Relatives in Descent (limited to 600 copies).   

Florist - If Blue Could Be Happiness [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear LP]
FLORIST There's a clear vinyl version of the new record If Blue Could Be Happiness.

Twin Peaks [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack Lime Green 2LP]
VARIOUS ARTISTS There's a neon double vinyl version of the TWIN PEAKS Limited Series Event Soundtrack.  

Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series) [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Red/Black 2LP Soundtrack]
VARIOUS ARTISTS There's a black/red double vinyl version of the TWIN PEAKS Music From The Limited Series Event Soundtrack.

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Vinyl Tuesday is a way for us to encourage artists, labels, distributors and managers to continue to release physical music on Tuesdays when they can. This allows physical retailers to have something fresh to sell and to talk about during the week, and lets those releases not just get lost on the increasingly crowded Friday/weekend.


Candlebox - Lucy / Candlebox [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Black/Clear Marble LP]  
Candlebox - Lucy / Candlebox [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Black/Clear Marble LP]

Chicago - Chicago Presents: The Innovative Guitar of Terry Kath [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition 2LP]
Chicago - Chicago Presents: The Innovative Guitar of Terry Kath [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition 2LP]
Dr. Feelgood - Lee Brilleaux: Rock 'N' Roll Gentleman [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition LP]
Dr. Feelgood - Lee Brilleaux: Rock 'N' Roll Gentleman [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition LP]
Ace Frehley - Frehley's Comet [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Blue/White Marble LP]
Ace Frehley - Frehley's Comet [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Blue/White Marble LP]

H.I.M. - Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Picture Disc LP]  
H.I.M. - Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Picture Disc LP]
H.I.M. - Love Metal [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Picture Disc LP]
H.I.M. - Love Metal [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Picture Disc LP]
H.I.M. - Razorblade Romance [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Picture Disc LP]
H.I.M. - Razorblade Romance [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Picture Disc LP]

H.I.M. - Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Picture Disc LP]
H.I.M. - Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Picture Disc LP]

Loudness - Thunder In The East [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Red LP]
Loudness - Thunder In The East [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Red LP]

Skid Row - B-Side Ourselves [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Grey LP]
Skid Row - B-Side Ourselves [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Grey LP]

Thin Lizzy - Live And Dangerous [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Translucent Red 2LP]
Thin Lizzy - Live And Dangerous [Rocktober 2017 Limited Edition Translucent Red 2LP]

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In 2009, Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal created it. Since then, the title of Record Store Day Ambassador has been held by Homme, Ozzy, Iggy, Grohl, Jack, Chuck and JamesKirkLarsRobert.

For Record Store Day 2017, the honor goes to St. Vincent. "It is with deep honor and humility that I accept this ambassadorship. Rest assured I do not take my duties lightly."

We're pretty honored, too.

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Time to add to your collection or start a new one. Short sleeves or a little warmer. This and more when you Shop RSD

RSD 2017 Hoodie  RSD 2017 T-Shirt

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We’ve gotten a lot of requests for the lists of past Record Store Day releases, and we’re happy to announce our HISTORY section, where those lists from2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 Record Store Day and Back to Black Friday live. (We’re working on older lists, and we’ll get them up there as we get them completed.)

Click here for the RSD Archives 

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Sometimes there are little bonuses for buying your records at a brick and mortar record store! These special things are available at participating stores, with the purchase of specific records, while they last. (DISCLAIMER)

Laura Marling - Free Tote

STREET DATE 3/10 LAURA MARLING  This tote bag is available while they last, when you buy the new record SEMPER FEMINA(DISCLAIMER)

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Free Poster

STREET DATE 3/31 NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS  A silvery poster seems just right to commemorate the DVD/BLURAY release of ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING, a film about the recording of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' latest record. (DISCLAIMER)


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